Other Activities

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Mourne Mountains

Daily Events

Armchair exercises & Games afternoon.
General knowledge prize quiz.
Arts & Crafts or Relaxation therapy.
Prize bingo.
Manicures, hand massages or flower arranging plus music or movie in the afternoon.

10th October 2017

Other Activities include:

Themed food tasting Days; Painting, Watercolour, Oils and pastels; Jewellery making, bracelets,  necklaces & earrings

Felt making and sewing; Paper folding (Origami); Gardening; Flower arranging

Memory games, 60 second recall, Name that tune, Scrabble, Countdown, Where do these words come from?

Reminiscences; Crochet; Pub Quizzes; Board games; Live music; African drums and percussion

Baking homemade bread and cakes; Bun decorating for different seasons; Armchair exercises

Poetry & limericks; Pimm’s garden party in Summer; Cocktails & Mocktails afternoon

Ice cream parlour; Afternoon tea; Seasonal crafts: Easter baskets, harvest dollies, St. Bridgets Cross

Christmas crafts: Card, Decorations; Religious services; Outings for Shows e.g Cinema night out